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The import and export of a wide range of natural resources in international markets.

Business matching to connect project owners to resourceful financiers. Our primary role is to coordinate and facilitate with international financial institutions and industry specialists throughout professional consultancy services in investment, financing, mergers & acquisitions.

We have close cooperation and working relationships with many China State-Owned Corporations and Central Government-Led Enterprises. We assist foreign enterprises gain access to joint ventures and contractual partnerships in projects. We further assist many international infrastructure Project Owners in prospecting potential influential investors and strategically recommend suitable and reliable contractors to ensure project success. As a facilitator between the 3 parties (Project Owner, Investor and Contractor), we actively participate in negotiations, translations and the associated administrative paper work and follow up. With many years of cumulative experience, resources and networks, we are pleased to have successfully and completed developed many international projects. These include Power Plant Projects (Hydro / Solar / New Energy Resources), Railway Projects, Highway / High Bridge Projects, Mix Development Projects, Water Treatment Projects, Housing Projects, Telecommunication Development Projects, Finance Projects, Securities Trading, Agricultural Development Projects, Urban and Community Development Projects, National Defense Industrial Projects, etc. Our primary role is to provide comprehensive services in administrative supports, general consultancy and financial advisory services. In recent years, we have been involved in extensively promoting the co-operations between China State-Owned Corporations, Central Government-Led Enterprises and global foreign enterprises including those from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Sir Lanka, etc. Our area of interests includes Design and Build (D&B), Engineering + Procurement + Construction + Commissioning (EPCC), Finance + EPCC, Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT), Public Private Partnership (PPP), etc. We are open to Business to Business (B2B), Government to Government (G2G) and Business to Government (B2G) projects. We are currently working closely with the relevant authorities in China on new governmental initiatives. With China’s One Belt One Road Initiative, we hope to contribute to the prosperous development of bilateral economic & trading relationships between China and ASEAN countries.       

Helping companies for IPO listings in global markets, including USA, Europe and Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, etc).  

 For the years 2003-2007, BVC has successfully staged the Global Business Opportunities (GBO) Forum, a unique global platform under the umbrella of Global Entrepolis@Singapore (GES). GES is a world class annual event jointly presented by the Singapore Economic Development Board and the Singapore Business Federation. The GBO Forum has proven to be an effective international platform for entrepreneurs and innovators to seek, identify investments and business opportunities, and secure funding. We have since established a vast network with high profile corporate contacts, local and both overseas and local.

The provision of immigration advisory services for investors with interests to emigrate to Singapore, Malaysia, Europe, United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Further to assist overseas enterprises to set up new companies or branch offices, as well as a permanent residency in Singapore.  

We provide consultancy services in the field of education in Singapore. The head of our consultancy team is authorized by the Singapore Building and Construction Authority Academy (BCA Academy) to conduct publicity, trainings (pre-entry exams) and enrollments in overseas. On the other hand, we also provide enquiry services of overseas studies (including Australia, New Zealand, European countries, etc) for both local and overseas students. 

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