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Working closely with China state-owned enterprises, assisting them in opening up Southeast Asian infrastructural construction projects and mechanical (power generation) business

Facilitate cooperation between project executor and fund provider. We are also working with international banks, financial institutions and specialists from multiple areas to provide professional service and advisories on investment decisions, funding schemes as well as merger and acquisition issues

Provide advisory services to foreigners to study in Singapore. Facilitate in application to state-owned kindergarten, primary and secondary schools, polytechnics, universities and private institutes. We have been certified by the Singapore BCA Academy to publicize, train and recruit student from Singapore and abroad

Assist in applying for Tourist Visa, Social Visit Pass, Multiple Journey Business Visa and EntrePass

Provide support for investment immigration to Singapore, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Assist foreign enterprises in setting up branches or new corporations in Singapore, allowing the elites to conduct venture and immigration simultaneously

Assist enterprises from all over the world to list on and trade in stock exchanges located in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, the USA and the UK with our professional team

Provide import and export trading opportunities for multiple kinds of natural resources and raw materials from the country of origin. Work with all kinds of enterprises to extend their business channels in the global market

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