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Crude Palm Oil 毛棕榈油

What is Palm Oil?

Specification: Crude Palm Oil (CPO),RBD Palm Oil,Palm Stearin,PKS Pellets

Price:based on market price

Origin: Malaysia

1. Market Price

Palm Oil is a trading commodity and it is expose to the fluctuation of global market price. Purchaser often looks for annual fixed price purchasing contract but it is not recommended for palm oil. Most of the major producers in Malaysia are practicing Monthly Price Review basis. Palm oil prices are affected by various factors such as weather, harvest, productions, supply and demand, policies and etc.

2. Key Requirements

Before proceeding into contract, suppliers require:

  1. Purchaser’s company profile

  2. Purchaser’s Import license

  3. Purchaser’s Proof of Funds

3. Palm Oil Products and Purchasing Terms

Availability, Packaging, Delivery and Payment Term



产地: 马来西亚

1. 市场价格


2. 主要条件


  1. 采购方公司简介

  2. 采购方进口许可证

  3. 采购方资金证明

3. 产品及采购条款


Packaging for Palm Oil
Industrial Packaging for Palm Oil

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